Pastor’s Corner – Forgiveness

Dear Friends, I don’t know about you, but the news is tiring. I find myself wanting to keep up with current events but the incessant, non-stop political coverage is exhausting. What happened to the days of reporting news stories that actually told stories? Maybe I’m miss-remembering and simply committing the “good-ole-days” fallacy.  We know that we live… Continue Reading


CLICK HERE TO REGISTER! One month from today, Vacation Bible School will begin here at Cornerstone! We are excited to spend that week learning from the book of Jonah about God’s mercy to us in Jesus.  What does a day look like at VBS? I’m glad you asked! Each day the children gather together for… Continue Reading

Pastor’s Corner – Good Neighbors

Dear Cornerstone family: This past Sunday we had the first meeting of the Cornerstone Good Neighbor Team. One of the questions we are asking right now is “How can we be a good neighbor as we prepare, Lord willing, to move downtown?” It is part of the mission of our church to “serve together in… Continue Reading