Pastor’s Corner – Communicants

This week during the worship service we have several children coming forward to take membership vows and join the church. These children are called communicants because they have gone through the church’s Communicants Class. The students spent about eight weeks with me and one of their parents going through basics of faith and learning what… Continue Reading

Pastor’s Corner – Predestination

Dear Friends, This Sunday a topic is going to come up in our study of Romans that has caused quite a bit of confusion and trouble in the church for years.  That topic is predestination! I can remember when I was in high school and college being involved in very heated discussions over this doctrine. What… Continue Reading

Pastor’s Corner – Infant Baptism

Dear Friends, This Sunday, we have the privilege and the blessing to witness a baptism. Whenever we have a baptism, it is not only an excellent time to reflect on our own baptism, but also upon God’s amazing grace to us in Christ and God’s wonderful covenant love to households. In preparation for this sacrament,… Continue Reading