Pastor’s Corner – Good News

Dear Friends, I don’t know about you, but the news is tiring. I find myself wanting to keep up with current events but the incessant, non-stop political coverage is exhausting. What happened to the days of reporting news stories that actually told stories? Maybe I’m miss-remembering and simply committing the “good-ole-days” fallacy.  We know that we live… Continue Reading

Pastor’s Corner

Dear Friends, Last week I addressed the Scripture Reading portion of our service. Continuing in our series on our Liturgy or Order of Worship, we come to the midpoint in our service where we often have flexibility with what we do in this portion of the service. Before the Offertory and the Sermon, we usually have a piece… Continue Reading

Pastor’s Corner

Dear Friends, What a blessing this past Sunday was as we installed new officers in our church! I’m thankful to the Lord for raising up these brothers. Please be in prayer for the officers and staff of the church – that God would give us wisdom and direction in all that we do.  I wanted… Continue Reading

Pastor’s Corner – Invocation

Dear Friends, Continuing in this series of discussion in the Pastor’s Corner on the Order of Worship or Liturgy, we come now to the Invocation. The Invocation is the opening prayer in our service whereby we are invoking the presence of God to superintend our worship of Him. This prayer is about God and to God.  There are several things that should be noted… Continue Reading