Community Groups

Cornerstone Community Groups are a place where we can grow in Christ as a church family.  We believe that God in His Word calls us to grow through biblical fellowship with one another. These groups are a place where physical needs can be met, questions about Scripture raised, sins can be confessed, and a genuine love can be developed between one another. We pray you’ll be blessed by the encouragement, fellowship, and accountability that a community group offers.

Community Groups meet on Sunday evenings in homes from 5-7pm for fellowship, prayer, and sermon discussion. Groups are open to church members and non-members and meet in homes throughout the Huntsville Metro area. Groups are designed to be family friendly.

To join a Community Group please contact Pastor Brian Russ: You are also welcome to visit one with a member you know or on your own.

The Six “Fs” of Community Groups

Fellowship- The primary emphasis of the community group will be fellowship. This fellowship is expressed through spending time together, eating a meal together, praying for one another, and  encouraging one another.

Family Friendly- These groups are intended to be family friendly. Children are welcome and each group will be responsible for encouraging the children to be involved in certain aspects of the community group.

Flexibility- These groups are designed to be a relaxed gathering of people in a home. Each group will determine what is best as far as discussion and prayer format, how to involve and care for children in the group, and meal logistics. There will be flexibility in the structure of this ministry.

Facilitated Discussion- This is not another Bible Study or Sunday School, but there will be an opportunity to discuss the sermon and pray for one another. Each group will have a leader who will facilitate the discussion and lead the prayer time. Discussion questions are provided by the pastors.

Frequency- Groups will meet at a frequency of once a month on Sunday evening. A group may want to substitute a Sunday lunch fellowship on occasion. In certain seasons, groups may meet less frequently (December, etc.)

Food- Groups will be hosted in homes all over Huntsville. The group can coordinate how it wants to handle the food for each meeting. The church will provide a supply of paper products that a group can take home with them on Sunday.

Locations and Leaders

  1. Bailey Cove     
  2. Madison
  3. Blossomwood/Five Points
  4. Mountain Fellowship (Monte Sano/Dug Hill)
  5. Hampton Cove/Big Cove
  6. Riverside Fellowship – Deep South Huntsville
  7. Jones Valley