Coronavirus update 3.12.2020

Dear Cornerstone Family:

Grace and peace to you! There is rising concern over the coronavirus (COVID-19) as it continues to spread throughout the world. As of this writing, there has yet to be a confirmed case in Alabama, but it is anticipated that there eventually will be. What can we do as a church family during such a time as this? Please consider the following responses:

Pray!- We need to pray for those affected by the virus, for healthcare workers, and for protection for those who are particularly vulnerable to COVID-19. 

If you are sick, or experiencing symptoms of any kind, we encourage you to stay home and view our worship service online at .

Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water and attempt to refrain from touching  your face. The CDC recommends the 20 second hand washing technique. You can practice singing the doxology while you wash!

Limit handshakes, hugs and other close contact at church. This is hard for us as a church family since we love one another, but at this time consider alternative greetings.

Consider a phone call to those who are homebound or in nursing homes, as there are visitation restrictions already in place locally. 

Keep up with communications from the government regarding COVID-19. The following link has helpful information:

At this time, your officers are monitoring the situation closely and will communicate updates to you via email as the situation continues to develop and more information is available. We also remain committed to maintaining a clean church building and will continue to disinfect our facility with special care. Let’s pray for the world, be diligent in practicing good hygiene for the sake of our neighbors, and entrust ourselves to our gracious God who is sovereign over all things. 

For the Session,

Pastor Brian