Foundations meets on Wednesday nights on a seasonal basis. The fall semester begins September 5, 2018. It is a wonderful opportunity to come together each week for food, fellowship, and foundations in God’s Word! There will be discipleship opportunities for children, students and adults. Come join us!



6:00pm: Discipleship

For Adults, two opportunities:

  • Express Your Faith, Evangelism Seminar led by Pastor Wilson Shirley: Express Faith is an evangelism tool developed out of Perimeter PCA in Atlanta. Express Faith is not about intimidation or coercion but truly be-friending people and engaging them with the truth of the Gospel. It is a wonderful tool that not only gives you help in sharing the Gospel with others but it helps you begin the process of making disciples as Jesus has called us to do. This class is limited to 10 participants. Sign up is on a first-come-first serve basis. To register please email
  • God’s Big Picture, taught by Pastor Brian Russ:  If someone asked you to explain how the whole Bible fits together (and you only had a few minutes), what would you say? What is it that brings 66 books together into 1 book? How do we see the Bible as a whole book? Join us as we seek to answer these questions and more as we go through the entire Bible in 8 weeks, using a study called “God’s Big Picture”.

For Students, Bible 101, taught by Taylor King:  During Foundations, the middle and high school students will gather together as one, to enjoy a rich time of fellowship, friendship, and laughter. Apart from sharing a meal together and enjoying fun and games, we will also be studying John Perritt’s Bible 101. Whether you know everything or nothing about the Bible, this study will seek to teach students what the Word of God is and how they should read it.

For Children, Catechism:  The children will be learning about Biblical truth by studying catechisms adapted from the Westminster Shorter Catechism. They will participate in a combination of music, games, art, written activities and lots of repetition to reinforce the character of God and theological truths. This semester’s focus will be centered around the Lord’s Prayer, Sacraments, and Jesus’ Return.Nursery will be provided.

For additional information or questions, please contact Brian Russ: