Pastor’s Corner – Advent Art

Dear Friends,

I hope that you have had a chance to notice and contemplate the Ancient Christmas Advent art this year. This year’s art was created by our very own Sarah Robins Powell. 

If you notice when you take a bulletin in your hand this Sunday, the symbols follow our sermon series on Ancient Christmas. From the Seed, to the Child, to the Shepherd, to the Ruler and after Christmas to the Servant and the Lord. All of these biblical images point us forward to Christ, the incarnate King. 

Sarah Robins describes the piece in this way: 

The direction of an “ancient Christmas” brought to my mind the heavy stylization, rich finishes and symbolism of art that came long before us…in many instances, art in the time of Christ and the early church. I looked at Roman mosaics, medieval Madonna and Child oils and beautifully textured tapestries. The concept and aesthetic of this year’s advent art draws from this research and depicts a sort of tree of life, with symbolism carefully arranged and oriented for a sense of symmetry and establishment. The tree is bookended by the Seed at the bottom and the Lord at top. This, to me, reiterates and parallels the idea of the Alpha and the Omega.

I’m so thankful for this art that is rich in biblical imagery to help us picture the beauty and wonder of Christmas this Advent season.

I’m also thankful for our musical artists! What a great job they have done leading us in music and song. What a blessing it is at Cornerstone to have so many brothers and sisters using their talents to glorify God. If you go and watch the December 6th service and fast-forward to the 38:30 mark … you will be blessed. Click here

Merry Christmas! I look forward to seeing you Sunday and continuing our celebration of Advent! 

By His grace and to His praise,

Pastor Wilson
Preparation for Worship – December 13, 2020
 This Sunday’s sermon:  “Ancient Christmas: The Shepherd” – Ezekiel 34
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In preparation for the sermon: “A flock of sheep must be looked after by someone, and here God represents Himself as taking on the role of Shepherd to His people.” – John B. Taylor
Hymn of the week: O Come, O Come, Emmanuel 
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