Pastor’s Corner – Advent Thoughts

Dear Friends,

Each week as we build in anticipation during Advent, I would like to offer some reflections on the sermon from the previous Sunday and look ahead to the coming Lord’s Day.

There are three ideas that I think are worthy of meditation as we think about Christmas in the Garden through the promised seed of the woman:

1. Notice how the promise of salvation came in the form of a curse to Satan and Eve. Can you spot the promise in Genesis 3:15? 
2. Notice how a sacrifice was made to demonstrate God’s love and provision for Adam and Eve. Can you spot the sacrifice in Genesis 3:21? What does this provision of clothing symbolize for believers in Christ?
3. Notice the expectation of Eve in Genesis 4:1. How is Jesus the fulfillment of her expectation? See Luke 2:10-11.

As we look ahead, this week’s Ancient Christmas sermon will be on Isaiah 9 and the promise of a child. 
Have you ever truly considered what Christmas means? 
Have you pondered the implications  of the incarnation – of God becoming flesh – being born?
How do the promises made to the child in Isaiah 9:6 give us hope in 2020? 
Merry Christmas! I look forward to seeing you Sunday and continuing our celebration of Advent! 

By His grace and to His praise,

Pastor Wilson
Preparation for Worship – December 6, 2020
 This Sunday’s sermon: Ancient Christmas: The Child” – Isaiah 9:1-7
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In preparation for the sermon: “Christmas is not going to mean very much to you until you see that your heart is darkened by sin and only the light of a Savior who has been born can overcome that darkness.”
Hymn of the week: Come Behold the Wondrous Mystery
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