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Dear Friends,

It really is fascinating the day and age that we live in when we have so many resources, so much wonderful technology accessible to us.  The things that we could not do yesterday that can be done today are simply amazing.  Just a couple of taps on a smartphone or a few words typed into a web browser can bring you into a world of amazing and vast content.

One such amazing resource we have today is the almost instant access to resources to help us shape a Biblical world and life view. I often get asked, “What are some good podcasts or radio shows to listen to?” I would like to share a few of those with you to consider:

  • Ask Pastor John – Folks write in and ask Pastor John Piper questions about life and ministry and he offers a very well-articulated response.
  • The Briefing – Albert Mohler offers commentary on today’s current events from a Biblical world-view.
  • Five Minutes in Church History – Short and to the point podcast on people, places and events of church history.
  • Mortification of Spin – Conversational style podcast about church life and issues.

All four of these podcasts are hosted by Reformed, Biblical minded pastors and lay leaders and whether you are driving down the road, going on a trip or on a long walk, these resources can be a great blessing to you.

I also get asked, “What sermons do you listen to? Where is a good place to find solid sermons to listen to?” There are two favorite places:

  • MLJ Trust – All of the available audio sermons of Dr. Martin Lloyd-Jones.
  • – A collection of Reformed resources from all over the web.

If I can ever help you find good, solid, biblical resources, please let me know.

See you Sunday!

by His grace and to His praise,


Preparation for Worship – September 24, 2017
  • This Sunday’s sermon: Two Ways to Live, Romans 8:5-8
  • In preparation for the sermon:  “To sum up, here are two categories of people (the unregenerate who are ‘in the flesh’ and the regenerate who are ‘in the Spirit’), who have two perspectives or mindsets (‘the mind of the flesh’ and ‘the mind of the Spirit’), which lead to two patterns of conduct (living according to the flesh or the Spirit), and result in two spiritual states (death or life, enmity or peace). Thus our mind, where we set it and how we occupy it, plays a key role in both our present conduct and our final destiny.” – John Stott
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