Pastor’s Corner – Home Again

Dear Friends,

I’m back! Thanks for all of you who prayed and encouraged me and my family while I was on vacation and leading a mission trip. I’ve missed writing to you and talking to you about things that matter for the Christian life and the Lord Jesus’ Church. Speaking of…

Many of you got to hear this past Sunday a brief report on the Yakama Mission Trip. It was an amazing time and I was honored to lead the team that God raised up to go and serve with our sister church and ministry, Sacred Road and Hope Fellowship. I believe the consensus is, we are going back next summer so please be praying and consider going.

Thanks to many of you who supported us with prayer and resources. It is the generous hearts of the people that allows us to go on these type things and support the work that Sacred Road is doing among our first neighbors.

We are currently working on a video slide show of our time on the trip. In the mean time, Sacred Road publishes a video that highlights what type of work the teams are doing this summer. Here is a video from our week: Yakama Team Four

Below are a few pictures of our team and what we were up to during our time there. ​​

See you Sunday!

by His grace and to His praise,


Preparation for Worship – August 13th
  • This Sunday’s sermon:  “Blessed Are Those Who Love the Word:  Prayers for Holiness”  Psalm 119:129-136           
  • In preparation for the sermon: “So astonishing is the power of the heavenly light, that from any one page of this holy book, a child, or even an idiot, under heavenly teaching, may draw more instruction than the most acute philosopher could ever attain from any other fountain of light!” – Charles Bridges
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