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Dear Friends,
I want to share something with you that has been on my heart and mind lately and that is OUTREACH! We often think of outreach as going to serve in a ministry to the poor in our city or maybe even going on a mission trip or having an event and inviting lots of people. But I think there is a more simple, more natural way for us, the body of Christ, to do outreach. What about simply being a good neighbor?

Do you know your neighbor? Do you realize what is going on Huntsville? Have you met the new people in your neighborhood?

There are some amazing things that God is doing in our city. One of those is that God is growing the city numerically. Did you know that Huntsville is now the second largest metro area in the state of Alabama and Huntsville is projecting to be the largest city in just five years? This is amazing stuff. (Click here to read all about it!)

Here are some more amazing stats on Huntsville’s growth:

  • Amazon, Google and Facebook are all building massive data centers in the area bringing more high tech jobs.
  • The Mazda Toyota Manufacturing project is bringing a $1.6 billion investment and 4,000 new jobs.
  • Aerojet Rocketdyne has consolidated all their operations from Sacramento, California and Gainesville, Virginia to Huntsville bringing 800 jobs.

These are just jobs. How many families are moving to the Rocket City along with these jobs?  The reason all of this exciting is because God is bringing people to our city! Last year estimates showed that 15 people are moving to Huntsville every day. Among all these new people moving to town, no doubt the Lord is bringing some of His children and those whom He desires to call to a saving relationship with Himself. Wouldn’t it be great if Cornerstone could be a part of welcoming folks to our great city?

So here is why I think this is exciting for Cornerstone — why don’t we pray and ask God to use our church to welcome new people to our city and invite them to worship with us?

Cornerstone is a very friendly, outreach-oriented church. We offer programs for all ages and we are faithful to God’s Word. There are folks moving to town looking for a church home like ours.

Homework assignment for you! Go and meet some of your new neighbors and invite them to worship with you at Cornerstone and then have them over for a meal after church! We have a very welcoming and friendly church. I would love for us to be a part of helping to welcome people to Huntsville and helping them be plugged into a community like ours.

See you Sunday! (And bring a new friend)

Your friend and pastor,


Preparation for Worship – September 2, 2018
  • This Sunday’s sermon: “Gaining Christ: The Christian Mindset”  Philippians 2:1-5
  • In preparation for the sermon:  “Having received such love, let us beg our Savior to turn our hearts inside out, to treasure others as more important than ourselves, to care about their needs even more than we care for ourselves, to ‘fight for unity’ by cultivating the humility that we see in Jesus, the King who stooped to serve us.” – Dennis Johnson
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  • Hymn for the Week: May The Mind Of Christ, My Savior
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