Pastor’s Corner – Pilgrim’s Progress

Dear Friends,
This past Sunday we had the blessing of being able to see a pre-release of the new animated movie of The Pilgrim’s Progress. I wanted to share some thoughts below after seeing the film.

  • The movie was well done and mostly stayed true to the storyline of the book. Because it was only a two hour film, it would have been impossible for them to include all of Bunyan’s characters.
  • The story of Christian and his spiritual journey to the Celestial City is not an easy one. He is faced with trials, persecution, temptations, and even struggles with Satan and his demons.
  • Parents need to remember that this is not a children’s movie even though it is animated. The movie paints a very dark and scary picture of Satan and his demons.
  • The film makers note, “Children under the age of 8, they may find some parts of the film a bit scary. We do caution parents to use discernment in allowing their younger children to view and perhaps block a few eyes or ears if need be.”
  • In the end, Christian stays true to his faith and meets King Jesus in the Celestial City. This is a beautiful picture of the glory of joining our Savior in Heaven.
  • We found it helpful to discuss the movie with our children afterwards to explain the scary parts and ultimately remind them how the movie is a wonderful allegory of the Christian life and how the world, the flesh and the devil are real forces of evil with which we must contend. The journey is hard and spiritual warfare is real, but as the Bible says, we like Christian may find the Way by trusting completely in Jesus, our Savior, Shepherd and King!
  • Watching the movie as a family and then discussing it should bring up great illustrations of the Christian life!

Here is some more information from the promoters:

The story of The Pilgrim’s Progress has drawn countless people to Christ for generations. And this movie is no different! If you have friends or neighbors that don’t yet know Christ, introduce them through the story of The Pilgrim’s Progress leading up to Resurrection Sunday!

The Pilgrim’s Progress will be in theaters April 18th and 20th only! I encourage you to go and see it!

Learn more about the movie by visiting:

Also, for those who attended the movie night, there will be a stack of download cards to download an interactive storybook of Pilgrim’s Progress available in the narthex. 

See you Sunday!

by His grace and to His praise,


Preparation for Worship – March 31, 2019
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  • In preparation for the sermon:   “To impress the reader (and Israel) with the massive resources available to the enemies of God makes the power of God shine more brightly in delivering his people from their hands.” – Dale Ralph Davis
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