Pastor’s Corner – Why Downtown?

Dear Friends,

In just a little over a week we will launch our generosity initiative ABOUNDING: in Christ, for the city. For five consecutive Sundays we will highlight this initiative and we will hear stories of how generosity changes us and how the story of Cornerstone is still being told as we prepare for this next step God is calling us to take.    Last week I tried the answer the question, “Why did Cornerstone decide to locate downtown?” (Please click here if you did not get a chance to read that article.) This week I want to answer the question, “Why can’t we just stay where we are?”    The reason I want to answer this question is because many of us may have forgotten why and others may have not heard the reasons because they are relatively new to Cornerstone.   

The first reason we cannot stay in our current location is because we are currently leasing this facility. Our landlord, Martha Pullen, has graciously allowed our congregation to lease this building for all of Cornerstone’s ministry operations. In May, we will have been at this location for five years. Every May we have the option to renew our lease for one year. Beginning this May, we still have the option, under our current agreement, to lease this facility for three more one-year agreements. After that, we do not have an agreement in place.   

A second reason that we cannot remain or even purchase this facility is because of building codes that apply to places of assembly. If Cornerstone were to purchase the property, we would immediately have to come in to conformity with current school/church occupation codes with the City of Huntsville. This would be a very expensive endeavor and not a wise use of resources.   

A third reason we cannot remain is that we are out of space! Although this is not a small building at 20,000 square feet, the configuration of the entire building was not built to be a church so it is not an efficient use of space. We are also out of parking at over 115 cars each Sunday. A new facility downtown will allow us to plan and prepare for growth.   

A fourth reason we do not desire to remain in our current location is because strategically, we do not want to be in the same geographical area as our sister church, Christ Presbyterian in Hampton Cove. Christ Pres is a wonderful, faithful local church and we desire to see them grow and flourish in our community. Strategically, we want to have PCA churches in different geographical areas around the Huntsville metro area. We are so thankful for Christ Pres- they have been a real advocacy for us as a local church body.  

Finally, we cannot stay here because God is calling us to downtown! It truly has been amazing to see this nearly 6 year journey that God has led us on to get to this point. The Lord closed many doors on many different properties and locations around the city. God was very clear in his provision allowing us to purchase the property at 515 Meridian Street. I believe that God wants us to be a Christ-centered church in downtown Huntsville that is faithful to the Scriptures, true to the Reformed faith and obedient to Great Commission.    I am so thrilled that God has led us to this point and I am even more excited to see how we can ABOUND for Him in the years to come!   

Abounding in Christ. 

Preparation for Worship – January 26, 2020
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