Pastor’s Corner-Your Word is Truth

Dear Friends,

We are living in some crazy and strange times. Perhaps never before has the truth been more distorted. Actually, it has always been that way … I think of the Jewish priests trying to lie about the resurrection of Jesus by making up a story that Jesus disciples stole His body away while everyone was asleep (Matt. 28:13).

Truth has always been under attack! What is new is the rapid speed and distribution of lies and distortion is as efficient as it has ever been. Everyone in the world who has a smartphone or access to the internet can now make up their own orthodoxy and have it disseminated around the world in seconds.

This distorted reality that we now live in calls evil, good and good, evil. The world is so twisted at this very moment that sin and evil are not even categories to be considered. It is quite a frightening reality in which we live.

So what do we do? …How do we reconcile our faith in Christ with a world gone mad? … Where can we find hope in our world that is bent on despair? … What promise is there for us who long for a better life and a better world?
Now, more than ever, Christians must be people of truth and we must fight for what is true in our world. … But what is truth?

The psalmist says, “Your righteousness is righteous forever, and your law is true.” (Psalm 119:142 ESV) The Word of God is the truth. It is the barometer, the measuring stick, the guide by which we interpret our world and our lives. This is why Jesus prayed in John 17:17, “Sanctify them in the truth, your Word is truth.” 

Join us this Sunday as we gather every week on the Lord’s day to be sanctified in the Truth! 

See you Sunday! 

By His grace and to His praise,
Pastor Wilson 
Preparation for Worship – April 25, 2021

 This Sunday’s sermon: “The High Priestly Prayer of Jesus: Love Before Time” – John 17:24
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In preparation for the sermon:  “The sight of Him is worth more than millions of worlds and will leave no person unsatisfied.” – Mark Jones
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