Cornerstone Presbyterian Church was created with the vision given in Acts 2:42: “They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.” The mission of Cornerstone is to be a community of Christ’s followers who worship, grow, and serve together to glorify God in Huntsville and throughout the world.

Cornerstone’s Student Ministries has embraced such vision and therefore exists to make disciples of middle and high school students. By God’s grace, we desire to see Cornerstone’s 6th through 12th graders actively growing in their relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, and his Bride, the church.

Cornerstone’s Youth Ministry seeks to provide our youth with a variety of spiritual growth opportunities in worship, service and fellowship. Cornerstone’s Youth Ministry also devotes itself to fellowship and to the breaking of bread by regularly organized activities which focus on cultivating deeper relationships between the students, the leaders, and most importantly, Christ.

Though the first and primary responsibility for the discipleship of youth begins at home, the local church also has a responsibility to minister to the individual students, particularly as they move towards adulthood. Cornerstone’s student ministry does not replace the work of parents. It serves to partner with the covenant families as an aid to equip and encourage as they nurture and shepherd their child’s heart for Christ.

Cornerstone’s Philosophy of Youth Ministry is built upon five core distinctives that support our vision to see our students grow in their faith, and serve in their church, community, and home:

  1. Reach Non-Christian Youth and Their Families
  2. Affirm and Assist the Family Role
  3. Integrate Youth into the Church
  4. Connect Students
  5. Equip Students to be Godly Leaders

For more information, please contact our Youth Director, Taylor King