Support Mom Ministry

A new ministry has been initiated here at Cornerstone to serve our expectant mothers. We are calling it “The Support Mom Ministry” and I would love to share with you about it.

In the past, we have prayed for our expectant mothers from the pulpit, visited them at the hospital and provided meals for them. This ministry will expand upon that by providing care from early in the pregnancy and will continue after the baby is born. Women in the church will serve as “support moms” who will be assigned to women who are pregnant (“expectant mothers”) or who are looking to adopt. The support mom will serve the expectant mother in several ways:

  • Meeting/talking with her and praying for her throughout her pregnancy. Our hope is that this would be a very personal relationship, and should problems or concerns arise during the pregnancy, the support comes alongside the expectant mother to offer solace, prayer and support, as well as communicate these issues to the church staff as desired.
  • Communicating to the church staff the arrival of the baby and the family’s preference on a visit to the hospital or home.
  • Setting up a meal schedule for the family.
  • Following up with the expectant mother periodically in the months following the birth/adoption. If postpartum depression arises or if there are struggles getting adjusted the support mom can help as a friend and reach out to the church staff as necessary.Often times, we can internalize our struggles, whether they be miscarriages, difficult doctor visits, fear, parenting trials or loneliness. Our hope is to see this ministry offer a framework for the church to come alongside these mothers and share in joy and sorrow.There are several ways members of the congregation can serve in this ministry:
  • Be a support mom.
  • Let us know you would like to be on our list as someone who would be willing to provide a meal (when possible).
  • Offer to share in the struggle of someone who might be going through something that you
    have experienced, such as miscarriage, postpartum depression, etc. (You would not expected to assume the responsibility of a counselor, rather to offer the companionship of someone who has gone through the same difficult experience.)
  • Pray for this ministry.I would love to talk with anyone who would be interested in serving this ministry in any way. Please feel free to find me at church or contact me via phone or email.



Shelby Hundscheid